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I’ve been doing a lot of headshot sessions lately. It’s a great time to update your headshots for your websites or social media posts. Why, you ask? Because people love to see you!   I can’t tell you how many times I am mindlessly scrolling through my Instagram feed and stop for a gorgeous portrait […]

Headshots Tips

We drove 5 minutes from our house in Florida to a walking trail that we frequent. We have enjoyed lots of family runs together back here, it truly is a part of our lives. As we walked back through the palmettos, Aspen started to dance and twirl. It’s exactly what this dress was made for.

Little Wanderers Traveling Dress

This world is so full of beauty it has truly been amazing to be an onlooker and a storyteller in the past year

Shoot & Share contest 2017

I remember the first time I captured her playing. I was in awe that such a creature existed and moved so effortlessly throughout the world, smelling the grass and breathing joy into everything around her.

Project Something Beautiful- Reflect

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