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if you have tried adding therapy, meditation or yoga to your routine but you still feel you are struggling to thrive, 

welcome friend!

here's the truth-


 So many of us have built our lives on sweat and tears only to keep battling with overwhelm, anxiety and stress. This happens to so many of us as balancing life and creative endeavors may not come naturally. It can also a sign that you may have some past experiences or limiting beliefs that need to be released. 

Your current reality is a combination of past experiences, self sabotage and your willingness to follow the crowd instead of accessing the power you have inside of                      

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Follow this link to hear what Ratna had to say about working with Aubrey in Deep Healing for the Creative Soul!

From uninspired to creative flow-

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As a creative entrepreneur myself, I know how it feels to have limiting beliefs controlling my thoughts, in turn affecting my business and relationships. Years ago, I found myself feeling unsure about sharing my work and taking on more clients, I realized that I needed to heal from my self-sabotaging thoughts & behaviors.

When I did that, I was able to truly run my business and life in full alignment with who I am, embrace my gifts and share them with others. 

The minute I let go of fear,
I began to heal. 


I just talked to her about the difficulties I was having with finishing multiple tasks and feeing overwhelmed right now. Never imaged it would get deep and where it lead to. I was so refreshed after our session. High energy emerged! Thank you Aubrey. Full of gratitude for your work yesterday!"

-Jenny Lynn

"Amazing time with Aubrey yesterday. Had some emotional breakthroughs and released more than I expected."

She is very professional and warm. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to work on their energy, as she is very educated in this area. Fantastic work and person all around!"


"I love working with Aubrey. She is such a special and unique soul. I felt comfortable with her right away. 

- Stormy

"Thank you so much for sharing your time and energy with me. Very grateful for the opportunity to do some inner healing, thank you!"

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This is a truly unique experience for creatives that has never been done! Combining deep healing tools with common creatives' complaints will have you leveling up to your potential in every area.

"I feel more confident, motivated, clear minded on what my goals and dreams are, and that I really can create and live my best life. I feel blockages leaving as I work the program. This is a very empowering program, that brings me back to my real, whole self and worth the time, and small investment to elevate my life." -Dina

Join us for the next group for only $2549, payments available. 

Weekly modules on creative blocks, preventing burnout, imposter syndrome, self-love, customized meditations and more. Experience a mindset shift in your personal life and your art.

Access to the private facebook group so you can go through the course with other like-minded photographers and artists. Make lasting friendships with healthy boundaries in a space of healing and acceptance. 

FOUR powerful one-on-one sessions with Aubrey to find and release your underlying limited beliefs and subconscious programs UNIQUE TO  YOU!

Monthly group training sessions for further instruction, healing and questions or concerns to help you overcome all limitations.

What's included:

A four month group program for creatives to remove negative soul-sucking energy and transform into an enlightened being with endless creativity, intuition & personal growth.

An artist's guide to thriving in life.

Deep Healing for the Creative Soul —

the course

It’s time to step into your soul aligned role.

This was absolutely an amazing experience!!
I 1000% recommend doing this, it’s crazy how it works & makes you feel. The best way I can describe it, for me, it was it like you’re looking at a mirror that’s full of dust & after the process it’s like the dust & cobwebs are gone & things look clearer & you feel lighter Its like a caffeine boost for you mind, body & soul. Aubrey is very comfortable, she’s compassionate & she truly has an amazing gift & is a natural healer, such a beautiful soul! 
-Amie C.

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