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But why stop there when there's so much work to be done? 

I know we've all heard of the word mindset by now, but how much do you know about subconscious programs? They are words or phrases that run on repeat over and over in your head. Most of us have spent the last few decades stock piling these programs and limiting beliefs in our heads!

Are you an entrepreneur who wants to finally overcome creative blocks?

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As a creative entrepreneur myself, I know how it feels to have limiting beliefs controlling my thoughts, in turn affecting my business. I have learned how to turn these subconscious programs off and now I'm ready to teach you.  Don't waste another day holding yourself back from what you truly want. 

I'm here to help you build your dream life.


I just talked to her about the difficulties I was having with finishing multiple tasks and feeing overwhelmed right now. Never imaged it would get deep and where it lead to. I was so refreshed after our session. High energy emerged! Thank you Aubrey. Full of gratitude for your work yesterday!"

-Jenny Lynn

"Amazing time with Aubrey yesterday. Had some emotional breakthroughs and released more than I expected."

She is very professional and warm. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to work on their energy, as she is very educated in this area. Fantastic work and person all around!"


"I love working with Aubrey. She is such a special and unique soul. I felt comfortable with her right away. 

- Stormy

"Thank you so much for sharing your time and energy with me. Very grateful for the opportunity to do some inner healing, thank you!"

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i can help using srt...

You see, it's not JUST about mindset. Most people can consciously alter their mindset while still sabotaging their results, because they don't know HOW to turn these subconscious programs off.

What if you could get rid of self-sabotaging thoughts forever probably have subconscious programs or limiting beliefs creating a disconnect between your desires and taking inspired action. 

Have you taken courses or read books that you loved, but fell short when it comes to integrating that information into your life or business? If so.....

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SRT is Subconscious Release Technique β€”

Subconscious Release Technique (SRT) is a powerful brain coding technique, rooted in behavioral science, that allows people to completely reprogram negative thought patterns and bias, and neutralize emotional blocks.

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It is time to get the help to clear out those words and phrases that are running on repeat over and over in your head. I am confident that once we work together you will experience life changing results, FAST.

I am ready to help you stop the limiting beliefs in your head, and start living an abundant life you deserve.


This is a truly unique experience for photographers that has never been done. Combing SRT with common artist complaints will have you leveling up to your potential in every area.

Before purchasing the course, I would love to learn more about you! Fill out the form and after reviewing, I will be in touch to make sure the course will be everything you need. 

Weekly modules on creative blocks, preventing burnout, imposter syndrome and other photographer related issues. Experience a mindset shift that will forever alter your preconceived notions of our industry.

TWELVE Powerful one-on-one sessions with Aubrey using subconscious release technique to find and release your underlying limited beliefs and subconscious programs UNIQUE TO YOU!

Get instant access to my customized meditations around attracting more clients, attracting money and sparking your creative and intuitive abilities.

What's included:

This 12 week course using Subconscious Release Technique,  Meditation,  Human Design and your own Intuition to help live more fully in the present with your business while balancing the mind, body and soul. 

A photographers guide to thriving in the over-saturated and competitive world. 

Quantum Healing for the Creative Soul β€”

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It’s time to step into your soul aligned role.

Thank you for your submission! I look forward to speaking with you soon.

You may feel you have exhausted all of your resources to manage your thoughts. You haven't found the RIGHT resources to break through and overcome the creative blocks. Let's work together so you can start seeing results, fast.

You aren't alone. You have resources. Let's connect.