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Birth in the car

They say babies always know when it’s time to come. That’s exactly what happens when a pregnant Mama goes into labor naturally. This family booked me knowing I would do whatever it took to get there for their birth. The Birth Center they were going to is in Largo so I knew that was over […]

Woman Gives Birth in Car – Tampa Birth Photographer Captures it All on Video

This beautiful spring day in Tampa Bay was the perfect setting for the birth of Clover Moon. We arrived at Tampa General Hospital in the morning. Mom had been laboring on and off for a couple hours and it was obvious things were picking up. She would soon get to meet her sweet baby number […]

Birth Photography, Tampa General Natural Birth

I’ve been doing a lot of headshot sessions lately. It’s a great time to update your headshots for your websites or social media posts. Why, you ask? Because people love to see you!   I can’t tell you how many times I am mindlessly scrolling through my Instagram feed and stop for a gorgeous portrait […]

Headshots Tips

I have learned that I am only a victim to my perspective. I choose to live life experiencing joy and savoring the most mundane moments because of this path we are on. But every now and then, I stop and I remember them. Life would have been so different with 6 children. There’s so many things that would have been DIFFERENT..

Just for today though, with my sweet little muse Aspen, we created a vision of what everyday looks like with so many angels.

Better with the angels

We drove 5 minutes from our house in Florida to a walking trail that we frequent. We have enjoyed lots of family runs together back here, it truly is a part of our lives. As we walked back through the palmettos, Aspen started to dance and twirl. It’s exactly what this dress was made for.

Little Wanderers Traveling Dress

In the afternoon, the storms rolled in, typical of Florida summers. A Mother’s body, as amazing as it is, is designed to ride the waves of labor and I could see that manifest in front of me. The storm outside added a peaceful relief, an assurance that the world lives on outside of these walls. But in here, miracles are born.

Tampa General Hospital- Midwife Birth

Video of a natural birth in the passenger seat of a car.

Car birth Video

When I took a break from my 365 project, I thought I was allowing myself to recharge, live freely without hesitation or responsibility to my art, and to focus fully on living in those moments that I loved so dearly.

But I wasn’t.

A new normal- the start of another 365

New listing for Emotive Family Photographers.

Looks Like Film Photographer 2019

The birth of a sweet baby in a Kia Soul

Born With Soul

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